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Tokyo Toni puts Blac Chyna on blast, saying “I don’t like that b*tch no more… ain’t no kid of mine… I don’t know who the f*ck that demon child is,” and then twerks all over her car on IG Live, showing her booty to all her followers [VIDEO]

By M.A.C. Staff Writer Since 2016, Tokyo Toni has been going in, and that's not stopping, ever! This woman was spot on, early on, from talking about Chyna getting with Rob to get even with Tyga, the baby, and the show. There's not a lot she wasn't up on. Early last year,

Blac Chyna stunts for the gram, showing off all that cake on her IG! [PHOTOS]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer On the low, Blac Chyna has been 2018's real MVP. Many of the hip hop stories have Chyna, somewhere in the background. As everybody knows, Tyga is her ex, before she moved on with Rob Kardashian, followed by Mechie, YBN Almighty Jay, and a few others. Blac

Blac Chyna was caught on camera sitting on another man’s lap, but got off when she realized the camera was on her… What about YBN Almighty Jay??? [VIDEO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Daily, Blac Chyna is in the headlines, as people are trying to figure her out. A couple of years ago, she and Rob Kardashian were going strong, and were becoming a popular couple. Their show was open about their connections to Kylie Jenner and Tyga. Unfortunately, Blac

Amber Rose blasts The Shade Room for reposting a video of Tokyo Toni (Blac Chyna’s mom) and making fun of her, accusing them of “trying to ruin people’s lives,” and their fans for defending it

By Ricki Says Staff Writer This morning, Tokyo Toni posted a video, where she was jumpy, looking around, and trying to find her haters. Not long after she posted the video, The Shade Room reposted the video. They asked the fans to caption the video, and they all had jokes. Tokyo Toni

Tokyo Toni airs Blac Chyna all the way out and disowns her, calling her own daughter jealous of her natural body, and says the people in California have taken her, demanding them to let her go, and warning them “If anything happens to her, I’ll f*cking go to jail for life” [PHOTOS + VIDEOS]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Back in 2015, Tokyo Toni began commanding more of the spotlight, when the Tyga/Blac Chyna/Kylie Jenner love triangle became even weirder. As strange as it already was, it became worse, when Chyna and Rob hooked up. It's less awkward, now, with everyone split up. However, Tokyo Toni,