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Rich Dollaz calls out Stacey Dash and says she definitely should not run for Congress; Dash hits back, clowning him for saying “u” instead of “you” [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer During the 2012 presidential campaign, Stacey Dash announced she was voting Republican. While the news was kind of shocking, not too many people were concerned with it. Stacey Dash said she was caught up in the hype, only voting for Obama, because he was black. However, Stacey

Stephen Curry clowns the GOP tax plan on Twitter #Warriors [PHOTO]

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer Towards the end of the NBA offseason, Stephen Curry made some major waves. When training camp began, Curry was asked if he would visit the White House, as champion teams do. With the Warriors winning the 2017 title, a White House visit is anticipated. But, with a president

#LetLizSpeak campaign emerges on Twitter after Senate votes to silence Elizabeth Warren after she speaks out against Jeff Sessions and social media isn’t having it

By Jay Mack Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer Truthfully speaking, there was a lot at stake during the 2016 elections. A lot was going on and it was a weird season, where Donald Trump would win by the thinnest of margins. However, his Republican Party would take both houses of Congress. 255258

Ronald Reagan speaks on immigration during his presidency and the man who inspired today’s conservatives had immigration views more in line with present-day liberals [VIDEO]

By Jay Mack Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer The man who is the forefather of current American conservatism is the 40th president, Ronald Reagan. To date, no presidential candidate has enjoyed an electoral victory of his proportion. His views helped transform the Republican Party. 254545

#PenceBlackHistory: Trey Songz owns Mike Pence for his Black History Month tweet about Abraham Lincoln freeing the slaves and Black Twitter is roasting the new VP for his insensitive tweet

By Jay Mack Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer Everything about Donald Trump and Mike Pence has been controversial. They won the required electoral votes, but they lost the popular vote totals. A lot of people have protested all over the world in regards to the new presidency. 254210