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Rasheeda’s mom, Shirleen, gets into an argument with fans, after telling them they can’t take pictures without making a purchase, in Pressed, leading to her cursing them out, after they started insulting her “I am the b*tch on TV… f*ck you n*ggas” #LHHATL [VIDEO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Well, that escalated quickly... Shirleen, Rasheeda's mother, as everyone knows, runs her store, Pressed, in Atlanta. Always supportive of her daughter, Shirleen is there for her child. Recently, Shirleen was in the store, when some rude fans tried her. This situation was clearly the wrong of the

Jasmine Washington’s paternity suit against Kirk has officially been dropped by the courts, after both failed to appear in court, once taping for #LHHATL ended [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer The way it has gone, with Kirk and Rasheeda, is that every other season, he cheats on her. Each time, he does it for increasingly stupider reasons. Season two saw Kirk stressed by Rasheeda, so he had the hot tub incident. Kirk spent all of season four

Tiarra (Tia Becca) and this ugly AF bonnet, she’s so messy, defending Jasmine, and the #LHHATL fans on Twitter say she “needs her a** beat” and just needs to mind her own business

By Ricki Says Staff Writer This season, Tiarra has really been on one, and the fans don't understand why. Two seasons ago, she had a problem with Karlie Redd, the reigning queen of messy, when she started dating Scrapp, her ex. At the time, the two were friends. Now, Tiarra is perfectly

Tiarra is really messy asF and fans are wondering why she’s even on the show… Literally all she did was use Just Brittany to get Jasmine to meet Rasheeda and Twitter says she should have not brought Jasmine, minded her own business, and stayed out of it #LHHATL

By Ricki Says Staff Writer A lot of people probably forgot Tiarra was even on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," last season. She really didn't have much going on, but this season is different. Two seasons ago, Tiarra had a big role, and now she's coming for Karlie's spot. Tiarra resurfaced, early