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When Kirk says he’ll never talk to another woman again … #LHHATL fans call BS on those lies and want Rasheeda to move on and Kelsie to stay out of it!

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Every other season, Kirk gets into some bull with Rasheeda, about him cheating. This one really takes the cake, though, because Kirk actually had a baby with another woman. Some could argue Rasheeda should have never forgiven Kirk, before, but this one is very tough. Rasheeda, even

MempHitz puts “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” on blast for using his old house as a prop, as it was shown as Mimi’s house #LHHATL [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Since its inception, "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" hasn't always portrayed producer, MempHitz, in the best light. His name came up, often, during season one, when K. Michelle was a cast regular. Talking about abusive relationships, K. Michelle said MempHitz beat her. At the time, K. Michelle

Jasmine gets dragged, on Twitter, by #LHHATL fans for showing up at Rasheeda’s store, and telling about the DNA test; Viewers are NOT here for her trying to play the victim

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Last season of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" saw Jasmine introduced to the show. Off the bat, she told Yung Joc and Karlie Redd that she recently gave birth to Kirk's baby. The entire time, she was aware of Rasheeda, but never reached out to her. Doing

Damn Kirk; SMH, Kirk admits he’s the father of Jasmine’s child, and Rasheeda isn’t having it, and #LHHATL fans have roasted Kirk so hard that “Damn Kirk” is trending, and they’re laughing off that

By Ricki Says Staff Writer The look on Kirk's face actually said it all, right here. For a year, Kirk has had people guessing, questioning whether or not he actually fathered a child with Jasmine Washington. Last season, Kirk admitted to Rasheeda that he cheated, and could possibly have her baby. Last

Rasheeda and Kirk are still going through their drama; #LHHATL fans have finally had their fill of their drama and want Rasheeda gone + Didn’t like how she cut Sierra off, to talk about her drama

By Ricki Says Staff Writer After seven seasons, "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" has become defined by a few things. At the top of that list is Rasheeda and Kirk's marriage drama. Every other season, Kirk does something foul to Rasheeda, followed by him fighting to win her back. In between, there