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Va. Beach Police Department Apologizes After Officer Makes Racist Comments Regarding Pharell’s Upcoming ‘Something In The Water’ Festival

By Tamantha Staff Writer A Virginia Beach police officer has found himself in hot water for comments that he made regarding Pharrell’s upcoming first annual ‘Something In The Water’ Festival. Via WTKR: Master Police Officer P. C. Bryant wrote, “I’d like to invite those fine lil chillins to come on down to

Khloe Kardashian, Who Has Used the N-Word And Had 4 Black Women on a Leash as a Costume, Faces Backlash For Promoting a T-Shirt That Says “Love Thy Racist Neighbor” [VIDEO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Khloe Kardashian just doesn’t get it. You would think after having a half black baby, it would click in her head about certain things, but I guess not. Khloe is now facing backlash for posting a T-shirt that said “Love thy neighbor... thy gay neighbor...thy black neighbor...thy