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[NEW MUSIC] R-Mean Is On The Rise!


He Only Gets Better With Time R-Mean is not playing games with these releases for his Mean Monday series. Who knew that 24 weeks of releasing singles every Monday would elevate an artists skills and music quality rather than make them become annoying? R-mean can't relate to the latter, and with his

R-Mean Knows He’s Going To Succeed “Inshallah”


One Word To Describe R-Mean, Unstoppable Spreading positivity and motivating his listeners to go hard for what they believe in is nothing new for Armenian American rapper R-Mean. He isn't afraid to speak mind and express how he truly feels, and this weeks Mean Monday release was no different. "Inshallah" makes the series'

R-Mean Knows That Working Overtime Is Necessary

R-Mean Overtime

Are You Working Overtime To Achieve Your Dreams? R-Mean is! Success doesn't happen overnight. Sometimes you have to work "Overtime", and that's something Armenian American rapper R-Mean knows all too well. With his 19 of 52 single being released for Mean Mondays R-Mean is starting to get personal with his lyrics and it's working. R-Mean created