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Kanye West announces he is running for president in 2024 and the crowd laughs at him; Kanye stared the audience down, in response

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Through his entire career, Kanye West made a name for himself, because he always thinks big and dreams big. There was a time when rappers weren't vocal, politically. Once, Eminem was the only rapper who openly called out politicians, in the post-Tupac era. Kanye West, however, boldly

Ciara and Russell Wilson nailed it with their Beyonce and Jay-Z costume for Halloween and Twitter says they nailed it, loving the photo of Barack and Michelle Obama in the background

By Bossyy Staff Writer There was a time when it looked as if Ciara would occupy the space that Beyonce currently holds. Now, there was never a question of how big Beyonce could be, because she's been topping Billboard since her first solo single. But, Ciara was once considered of that

Stacey Dash gets arrested for domestic violence, after allegedly hitting her husband, and Twitter is dragging her with jokes about her conservative racial and political views

By Bossyy Staff Writer In 2012, Stacey Dash came forward with some news that people really didn't care about. Like most people, Dash supported Barack Obama for president, in 2008. Not too different from a lot of people, Dash shifted support to his opponent in 2012. Stacey Dash would reveal that, as

Kanye West reaffirms his support for Donald Trump (again), telling people “Trump all day,” so they know where he stands in 2019, and he complains about 90% of blacks supporting the Democrats, saying “sounds like control to me… they will not program me” [PHOTOS]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer Oh boy, here we go again! It's a New Year, but it's the same old Kanye, back up to his antics. At this point, no one really cares, but it should be accepted that Kanye West is a Trump supporter, and he is going to support

Omarosa goes OFF during interview with Clay Cane, clowning his jheri curl, and calling him a “b*tch” (FULL ARGUMENT INCLUDED) [VIDEO]

By M.A.C. Staff Writer Over the past two years, Omarosa has received a lot of flack, due to her shifting political positions. Prior to politics, Omarosa was close to billionaire, Donald Trump, for the obvious reasons. But, in politics, she was a strong Democrat, supporting Chicago's Barack Obama. When Trump began his