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Justin Timberlake announces upcoming work with Lizzo and Meek Mill; Twitter accuses the “Man of the Woods” of having a flop album, and going back to appropriating the black culture, profiting off black people

By Bossyy Staff Writer A major appeal Justin Timberlake has had is his ability to make music that falls right into the hip hop category. The Memphis singer went solo, in 2002, and immediately began working with Timbaland. Together, they created such classics as "Cry Me A River." Justin Timberlake and Pharrell

Pharrell Williams’ ‘Something In the Water’ Festival Returns To Virginia Beach For a Second Year and It’s Now a Week-Long Celebration [DETAILS]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Pharrell’s highly-anticipated, Something In the Water festival will return to Virginia Beach, Virginia for its second year. The festival is slated to take place from April 20-26th, making the festival a week-long celebration of arts, music, and culture. The biggest music artists will hit the stage Friday, Apr. 24th

.@Pharrell Confirms Another Something In The Water Festival For Next Year; Virginia Beach Includes $250K in it’s 2020 Budget For It

By Tamantha Staff Writer If you weren’t lucky enough to catch Pharrell’s first Something In The Water Festival, get your coins together, because he’s bringing it back next year. Pharrell has confirmed to The Virginia Pilot, that he plans on having the festival in 2020. Virginia Beach’s City manager is already getting

Va. Beach Police Department Apologizes After Officer Makes Racist Comments Regarding Pharell’s Upcoming ‘Something In The Water’ Festival

By Tamantha Staff Writer A Virginia Beach police officer has found himself in hot water for comments that he made regarding Pharrell’s upcoming first annual ‘Something In The Water’ Festival. Via WTKR: Master Police Officer P. C. Bryant wrote, “I’d like to invite those fine lil chillins to come on down to