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Playoff Lowry finally showed up and Raptors fans give him props on Twitter for his grit and determination, calling him a competitor, and giving him and Norman Powell their credit for smacking the Bucks

By Jay Rich Staff Writer With the DeMar DeRozan trade, Kyle Lowry became the most-experienced Toronto Raptors player, in the playoffs. This means for the Raptors' franchise, by the way. In many ways, Kyle Lowry has mirrored the Raptors' playoff history. The Raptors came into the 2019 playoffs with the stigma of

Chris Webber just tried it with the Drake references, as Reggie Miller tries roasting Drizzy, and Twitter calls it painfully corny, labeling him a Drake fan boy stan [VIDEO]

By Prince Hakeem Staff Writer Tonight, the Milwaukee Bucks seem like they have completely figured the Toronto Raptors out. Pascal Siakam was the X-factor that helped destroy the Philadelphia 76ers. But, the Bucks have him with four fouls, already. Giannis has had his way with the Bucks, starting the game with the