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Teairra… Fans aren’t here for her and Akbar’s drama, as they believe his harem are trying to get a permanent spot on the show and T paid them + Who was going to stop Paris??? #LHHH

By M.A.C. Staff Writer When the summer began, Teairra Mari found herself in the middle of a sextape leak. Prior to the leak, she was reported to be going through relationship drama. She was dating a married man, according to rumors on the blogs. In the end, Teairra Mari was involved with

Of course Brooke knows Akbar; #LHHH fans aren’t surprised with Brooke Valentine’s news, but they want her to know they think Marcus isn’t feeling her, and that she should know that

By M.A.C. Staff Writer Tonight, Brooke Valentine didn't have much to say, but she is still trying to lock it down with Marcus. On the other side of the city, Paris is still digging up dirt on Akbar, Teairra's new man. When Paris went to spill her tea, Brooke had tons