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Remy Ma and Papoose get all the #LHHNY love, with fans calling them “goals,” love for their child, and here for their second child, but her makeup … #LHHNYReunion

By Bossyy Contributing Writer Because they manage to stay out of the drama, Remy Ma and Papoose have been fan favorites, by default. Since coming out of prison, Remy Ma has been on a roll, starting with joining the "Love & Hip Hop" cast. It has been four years that have

Remy Ma says Nicki Minaj’s success made other female rappers feel like they couldn’t compete, in 2016 #EssenceLive interview, only months before #ShETHER [VIDEO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Looking back on it, there was a lot of tension between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma, before "ShETHER." Of course, there was a time, which was long before Nicki got famous, where she and Remy had beef. Then, there is the infamous video, of the person people

Lil’ Mo tweets that she took the “last L,” hinting at breakup from husband, Karl Dargan, later confirming the split on Instagram, saying he owes her everything #MarriageBootCamp [PHOTO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer It's been years since Lil' Mo and Karl Dargan first got together. The age difference made it controversial, to begin with. When the two got together, they went on "The Breakfast Club," which also included a conversation about "R&B Divas," Lil' Mo's original reality show. In 2017, Lil'

Papoose celebrates his birthday, one day after he and Remy Ma shared the birth of “The Golden Child” on last night’s “Love & Hip Hop” #LHHNY [PHOTO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer A reality TV favorite, Papoose has definitely evolved. The mainstream popularity of Papoose stems from his marriage to Remy Ma, and the love and devotion he shows her. These two, both, have come a very long way, in the public eye. Papoose, though, especially sticks out, because there

Remy Ma and Papoose Appear On The Real As The Golden Child Makes Her TV Debut

By @MinneeTellsItAll Contributing Writer The wait is over! The Golden Child made her television debut on The Real today! Remy Ma and Papoose introduced their daughter Reminisce Mackenzie Mackie to the world and explained their daughter’s name choice, the excitement of Baby Mackie’s tv debut and more. Remy, real name Reminisce Smith,

Maggie wants to rap, but #LHHNY fans are confused… Yeah, she may be more talented than Alexis, and Maino SHOULD give her a chance, but what about her PTSD? Twitter drags Maino…

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer No couple is perfect, not even Maino and Maggie, as tonight's episode of "Love & Hip Hop" is proving. When the season began, VH1 presented this season as being all about couples. The promos were all about Remy Ma and Papoose, Joe Budden and Cyn, etc. However,