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Cops surround Orlando rapper, GlokkNine, at his home, as he curses at them, demanding they get off his property, adding “Mr. Ed don’t play about his property, so you better get off!” [VIDEO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer All the way back in the day, NWA said what they said about the police, and it is still true today, sadly. This week saw TrapBoy Freddy assaulted by the police. Now, as the week is coming to an end, another rapper is getting into it

#LongLiveRu: Twitter shows their support to Reuel Buchanan, the UCF student, who was killed after being hit by a car; People want the Orlando police to step up!

By Ricki Says Staff Writer It seems like every year, towards the end of the spring semester, something tragic happens to a college student. Most of the time, they were doing nothing to warrant the tragedy. This has happened again, this time in Orlando. Reuel Buchanan was a student at University of