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J-Boog gets blasted by his girlfriend, @shelbiegray_, who shares a video of him asleep, standing up, and drooling, after he lied about working, saying what’s done in the dark will come to the light #LHHH [VIDEO + PHOTO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Since 2017, J-Boog has slowly reintroduced himself to the world. He rose to fame as a part of B2K and he's Marques Houston's first cousin, his only blood B2K relative. On "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood," Lil Fizz requested a meeting about a B2K reunion, which he

J-Boog wants all the smoke, blasting Apryl and Fizz for how they did their relationship, and how it messed up he B2K money, and it ends with a Boog confession, likely confirming the rumor about Omarion’s mom

By Bossyy Staff Writer Fans have loved J-Boog since the original B2K days. For all of the "brothers" and "family" claims, J-Boog was the only B2K member to have a blood relation to an Immature member. In actuality, J-Boog is a blood cousin to Marques Houston, carrying the same last name. J-Boog

Apryl Jones allegedly cheated on Lil Fizz with FBG Baby Goat, who responds saying keep y’all’s girls on a leash; Twitter hands Fizz the biggest L of 2019 for sabotaging B2K for Omarion’s baby mama #LHHH

By Bossyy Staff Writer It's hard to imagine, now, but when "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" debuted, in 2014, Lil Fizz was a fan favorite. The ladies grew up having a crush on Fizz and loved seeing him all grown up. These women felt for him, as his girlfriend often cheated

Ashanti is joining the Millennium Tour and fans on Twitter say they can’t wait to see Lloyd and Ashanti perform “Southside” #MillenniumTour2020

By Bossyy Staff Writer Officially, this is no longer about the B2K drama, the mid-2000s are back! For whatever reason, most only equate Ashanti to Ja Rule, but she had her own career. Aside from Ja, Ashanti has classics out here, and now the world will see her perform them. Ashanti was

Fizz said Immature ain’t his people and he and Apryl are the ones really “unbothered,” shading Omarion, so Twitter dragged TF out of him #LHHH

By Bossyy Staff Writer Because of his past comments about Omarion, when Fizz said they were never friends, people believed him. However, people were willing to overlook the "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" scenes, where they said they were "brothers." This season, J-Boog was his only friend, though. J-Boog had to have

Omarion shares the promo for the #MillenniumTour2020 with Bow Wow, Sammie, Lloyd, Soulja Boy, Pretty Ricky, Ying Yang Twins, and more, upping his level of petty [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer By 2012, Omarion was virtually forgotten, as B2K had long been gone from the scene, and his last hit was six years prior. When he signed with Maybach Music, many saw it as an odd fit. However, Omarion joined the team and dropped straight heat. Back in 2012,

Omarion is still winning the war, with Lil Fizz, as Twitter has memes clowning him for ruining J-Boog’s bag, and someone changed his Wikipedia page, calling his birthday #NationalOmarionDay, and Fizzle-Pop is listed as his nickname

By Bossyy Staff Writer Yesterday, Omarion decided to go ahead and win the war. The battle was going on from the moment Lil Fizz said he and Omarion were never friends. This happened on "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood," when he was questioned about Apryl Jones, and the time they spend

J-Boog said Fizz didn’t ruin everything, but ruined about 99% of it, calls him “Fizzle Pop,” says he’s done with B2K, and is frustrated, wanting all the smoke with whomever [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer When questioned of how and why he could date Omarion's ex, and mother of his children, Lil Fizz said they were never friends. He said their relationship with B2K was only business. This went against everything people saw play out on TV. Claiming J-Boog was his only friend