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Walmart in Duncan, Oklahoma is the latest target of mass shooting, with three people killed #PrayForDuncan [DEVELOPING STORY]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Two Walmart locations in less than six months have become the targets of mass shootings. The first was in El Paso, Texas, which sparked a major movement from former presidential candidate, Beto O'Rourke. A few weeks ago, he ended his campaign for president. Meanwhile, a gunman decided

Oklahoma man, Joe Tippens, claims dog de-wormer medicine cured him of terminal cancer, which had spread to his neck, stomach, pancreas, and bones [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Cancer is the disease that comes in many forms and has claimed many lives. Through science and holistic treatments, an increasing number of people have managed to beat cancer. None of them have managed to do so how Joe Tippens did. Joe Tippens is an Oklahoma native and