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Taste, Taste, Worldwide They Gon’ Get A Taste!: Tyga’s ‘Legendary’ Album Goes Gold Hours After Dropping

By @MinneeTellsItAll Contributing Writer In less than twelve hours, Tyga’s brand new ‘Legendary’ album has already been certified Gold by the RIAA. Artists like Future, Tee Grizzley, and more all dropped projects making last night a hefty date on the release calendar. Earlier this week, Tyga announced his comeback effort before dropping

Offset Calls Out People Spreading Lies About Ric Flair Passing Away After Surgery For Medical Emergency Was Postponed Today Because Of Health Complications – “RIC FLAIR IS NOT DEAD YOU DUMB ASS BLOGS”

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer Yesterday, WWE legend Ric Flair was admitted to a hospital yesterday after a medical emergency. A procedure was scheduled for today but was canceled due to health complications. It is now moved to 5/20. The postponement was due to other medical issue needing to be addressed

Summer Bunni, Offset’s alleged side chick, puts A1 and Lyrica Anderson on blast, accusing them of running her name in the mud, and A1 of cheating on Lyrica with her #LHHH

By Bossyy Staff Writer Towards the end of last year, Summer Bunni became known, when she was included in a rumor about Cuban Doll trying to set up a threesome with Offset. Distancing herself, Cuban Doll claimed she didn't even know who Summer Bunni was. Offset said he never met any

Atlanta High School Student Says He Still Listens To Offset and Migos After Offset Smacked His Phone For Recording Him At Target; Still Doesn’t Want Offset In Jail But Wants New Phone Paid For After Felony Warrant Issued [VIDEO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer It's been over a week since Offset smacked a phone out of a fan's hand and destroyed it at a Target in Atlanta. Offset was supposedly buying a stroller and once he saw the fan recording, smacked it hard and then said "get that f*ckin' phone