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Greensboro: The Gateway to NC Hip Hop

By bryon d. turman—Lecturer of Composition and Hip Hop English Dpt. North Carolina A&T State University Grammy fever is upon us and the 2018 Grammy’s should be special for music lovers from North Carolina. From John Coltrane to Rapsody, NC has produced many important musicians and artists. With four artists from

#RIPNajee: WSSU campus comes together with sports department, family, and friends to mourn Najee Ali Baker, who was shot and killed on Wake Forest Campus #RIPNajeeAliBaker

By G Moniy HHV Sports Staff Writer One thing about it, death isn't discriminating on anybody. Everybody knows life is never a certainty and these strings of death have proven this unlike anything else. Another day, another young person is dead, after having such a promising future. Najee Ali Baker was found dead

Steph Curry on Diddy offering to buy the Carolina Panthers: “I want in!” [PHOTO]

By G Moniy HHV Sports Staff Writer Now, ish just got real, with this whole Diddy/Carolina Panthers thing, and this is big. Everybody knows Jerry Richardson became the latest mogul involved in this whole sexual harassment thing. Because of this, he has decided to sell the Carolina Panthers. Being the opportunity-seeking, flamboyant, businessman

Remy Ma receives a lot of love from her fans for her Conceited store launch, after watching it on #LHHNY; Remy Ma takes to Twitter and gives love right back to the fans

By Ricki Says Staff Writer During the summer, Remy Ma launched her store, Conceited, right here in Raleigh. Her reasoning for doing a store in North Carolina was revealed on "Love & Hip Hop," this season. Her mother has relocated from New York City to North Carolina. Remy Ma has decided to

Lil Mo is being clowned by #LHHNY fans on Twitter with her “struggle wig” and for her trusting Karl, who they say is still cheating on her/stalking her + Fans want Lil Mo and Remy Ma to link up with new music

By Ricki Says Staff Writer As entertaining as Lil' Mo is, the "Love & Hip Hop" fans seem determined to go in on her. She brings new energy to the show and seems like so much fun to be around. But, the fans are always trying to drag her. What's going on