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T.I. responds to Laura Ingraham laughing at Nipsey Hussle’s funeral, calling her and her co-host vile and despicable people + Says he’s done with IG for a month, or so [PHOTO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Being conservative is one thing, there is nothing wrong with having a political opinion. For some time, however, being conservative has had a perception of racist undertones. This is why Fox News always had appeal to a certain demographic. However, Fox News' personalities have increasingly become hostile to

Durham County shooting, in front of courthouse, takes over Twitter, this morning, as one man was shot, and two people were arrested in connection to the shooting

By Jay Rich Staff Writer This morning, the city of Durham, North Carolina, got a major scare, right at the courthouse. One of the biggest cities, in North Carolina, the reputation for Durham is not the best. Despite being home to the well-renowned Duke University, the city has a reputation for