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J. Cole’s childhood home in Fayetteville gets vandalized with nasty words about Cole and Twitter reacts in disgust to this, as Cole lets people stay in this home, rent free

By Ricki Says Staff Writer This was both sad and disturbing, on so many levels. Through his career, J. Cole has faced a lot of criticism over his Fayetteville roots. It is as simple as this, though, J. Cole represents Fayetteville, so he deserves to be embraced. So many artists who actually

Jung Phil, rising Philly rapper, puts J. Cole on blast, accusing him of stealing his song, “Count It Up,” for his #ATM single + Says he has proof! [PHOTO]

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer After last releasing an album, in 2016, J. Cole was keeping somewhat of a low profile. The Fayetteville rapper changed this, last month, when he dropped "ATM" and immediately received critical acclaim. Days later, he took all the buzz from Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, when KOD dropped. The

YRS Jerzy’s Wednesday Throwback: J. Cole – “Who Dat”

By YRS Jerzy Staff Writer Seeing how often J. Cole drops hit records and surprise albums, many people forget how long his debut album took to come. Fans waited for years on J. Cole to drop Cole World and June 2010 was one of the expected release dates. Hype built, when the