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Finding The Right Prom Dress Made Simple By Prom Times

By Stranga The Great Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer Ever since man opened their eyes and realized they were naked, looks have mattered. Some say beauty is only skin deep, but even they care about how they look, as everyone wants to be considered as looking good. This is especially true for

Head of security for Jay-Z killed by police while naked

By Agustin A. Iglesias Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer Read the comments on Facebook and Twitter, if given the chance, some people would actually try to kill Jay-Z. The level of hatred borders on insane, but it is a fact of life for anyone famous and rich, so measures have to be

Raekwon performing at Cubby Bear Wrigley tonight

By The Hip Hop Writer Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer In recent years, Raekwon has returned to the spotlight. The Wu-Tang rapper released his comeback album, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... Pt. II, in 2009. Since then, Raekwon has been working on several new albums. Last year, Raekwon released his most-recent album,