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Nino Bless ft. Jarren Benton – “Audiotrip”

  Recently, Nino Bless delivered his new album and he has a new single to go along with it. Funk Volume's Jarren Benton is featured on the new single. The new single is called "Audiotrip" and the record is included on the upcoming project. Listen to "Audiotrip" by Nino Bless ft. Jarren

Nino Bless – “R.O.A.M. 2: The Greater Fool”

One of the most multifaceted rappers in the game is Nino Bless, who has made quite an impact through his mixtapes. On his latest mixtape, R.O.A.M. 2: The Greater Fool, Nino Bless has a song dedicated to the bullied teenage suicide victim, Felicia Garcia, and also indulges in his fantasies

Nino Bless – “Then, Now, Later”

Nino Bless dedicated this song to suicide victim, Felicia Garcia, of Staten Island, NY. It turns out Nino Bless' younger cousin knew her well and he released this statement, along with his song, "Then, Now, Later." Read Nino Bless' statement below: My cousin went to school with a teen who killed herself