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JR Writer ft. Fred Money – “New Slaves (freestyle)”

Along with Fabolous and Astro, one of the first rappers to speak out during the "Control" debate. He was active on Twitter and he came out with his version of "Control." But, his latest song was just a little sampler, a freestyle over Kanye West's "New Slaves" with Fred Money. Listen

Angel Haze – “New Slaves (remix)”

Kanye West received a lot of media attention for his "New Slaves" song. This helped to bring more attention to his controversial album, Yeezus. Now, Angel Haze jumped on the popular "New Slaves" record for her own remix of the song and she dropped it today. Listen to "New Slaves" by Angel

Chingy – “New Slaves”

Kanye West came out strong with Yeezus and people have consumed the album. Many artists have remixed records off the album. The latest song to be remixed off the album is "New Slaves" that Chingy took over. Listen to "New Slaves" by Chingy below: