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Dame Lillard burns the Miami Heat with 32 points, giving the Blazers #10inarow, after win; Portland is the real deal, but can they beat the Warriors or Rockets, in the playoffs?

By G Moniy HHV Sports Staff Writer During the 2015-2016 season, Damian Lillard made noise, delivering an MVP-worthy season. Expected to bottom out, the Portland Trail Blazers not only made the playoffs, but they beat the Clippers in the first round. The second round even saw them get a win over Golden

#NBATradeDeadline kicks off with Jameer Nelson being traded to the Pistons for the Bulls’ Willie Redd; #NBATwitter says “who cares” and “boring”

By G Moniy HHV Sports Staff Writer Really, the NBA deserves a lot of credit for becoming as popular as it is, now. Even the non-basketball parts of the game are interesting, and it wasn't always like this. Now, regular fans pay attention to contracts, the offseason, and trades. Here, this morning, NBA