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J-Booog is about his business and #LHHH fans are here for that, but they are NOT with Marques Houston being his cousin, bringing up how Omarion was supposed to be his brother

By Bossyy Staff Writer Why not J-Booog if Jay-Z could do it, right? J-Booog is relatively young, still, and is the one keeping the B2K tour together. His sitdown with Fizz was very reminiscent of Michael Bivins, who rose to be the business head of New Edition. Like Bivins, J-Booog wants his

HHV On The Rise: Bonaphied

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer For quite some time, the West Coast has gotten its props in hip hop and been fairly represented. Most people think of LA, but it was actually the Bay Area that was the first West Coast area to pop off. Since then, nearly every area has

Bobby Mama was really bout that life, huh? She was pushing bricks and hustling, plus she was mean as hell; #BobbyBrownBET viewers guess that’s where Bobby gets it from, bricks in the bathroom tho?

By M.A.C. Staff Writer It's no secret that Bobby Brown has endured his fair share of struggles and it was dived into on "The New Edition Story." Tonight, though, it's all about "The Bobby Brown Story." Here, Bobby (Woody McClain) relives all of his dark moments. Through his career, it was heavily

Keith Powers is cat-fishing? Dating profile goes viral, showing a man named Bob that looks a lot like #TheNewEditionStory’s Ronnie DeVoe actor [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer A year ago, Keith Powers immediately shot to fame, under tons of pressure. For years, New Edition had been working on their biopic, and they came together with BET to do it. Cast as Ronnie DeVoe, Powers had big shoes to fill. Keith Powers exceeded all expectations