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NeNe gets roasted by Twitter because she still says “bridemaid,” instead of “BRIDESMAID,” and #RHOA fans ask where is Claudia Jordan when you need her

By Bossyy Staff Writer Finally, NeNe is back, and in full effect, as she and Cynthia have had their long-awaited face-off. The show is hyping this beef, as if Cynthia and NeNe didn't JUST go through this, back in 2015. Then, it seemed like they'd never make it back, and they

Cynthia Bailey announces she and Mike Hill are engaged and getting married on 20/20, 10/20/2020, October 10, 2020 #RHOA #BravoCon [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Tonight, Cynthia Bailey found herself the topic of discussion, on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." Historically, Cynthia is one of the ladies talking among the women about the topic of discussion. But, the falling out she and NeNe had was weighing hard on NeNe. Both ladies, despite their

Eva is always moving, and #RHOA is dragging her for being in a new house each season, going condo to condo, questioning how scared she and Mike are of her baby daddy ex, or if it’s just to prove she’s not broke + Getting a house on TV?

By Bossyy Staff Writer Tonight, "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" fans were lukewarm about the NeNe return, but they're going in on Eva. Apparently, the more they see of Eva, the more they dislike her. It didn't begin this way, as the fans really liked her, early on. But, with Eva being

NeNe Leakes was back on #RHOA tonight and Twitter wasn’t totally pleased with her return, but they said she made the show, Cynthia is a fake friend, but that she’s still being hateful and mean old NeNe

By Bossyy Staff Writer Fans had a lot of theories on why "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" waited until the third episode of season twelve to bring NeNe Leakes back. But, NeNe is back, and her fans were definitely here for it. As for the overall fans, they were not as

Cynthia gets dragged by Twitter, who accuses her of being a terrible friend to Kenya, over the years, especially with this Eva flip flop; #RHOA love that Cynthia can’t park and Kenya can’t close her Tesla doors

By Bossyy Staff Writer Tonight's episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" showed the early signs of a shift in friendships. Ironically, this comes as Kenya Moore returns to the show. Her 2012 arrival saw a shift in the friendships, as she and Cynthia were fast rivals-turned-friends. Over four years, Kenya and