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Draymond Green’s son, DJ, was giving Ernie the side eye, during the Warriors’ trophy ceremony after beating Houston, and the #NBAonTNT + Twitter LOVED it #Warriors

By G Moniy HHV Sports Staff Writer Bruh, the funniest parts about when these teams win isn't even the games. All of the entertainment is the little stuff that happens, in between. A few years ago, Steph Curry's daughter, Riley, was all of the talk, because she kept stealing the postgame interviews. But,

Stephen Curry talks Warriors overcoming bad first half, credits Rockets for being great, says he’s happy to be back in the #NBAFinals, and talks strong third quarter with #NBAonTNT [VIDEO]

By Jay Rich HHV Sports Senior Staff Writer Coming into this season, everybody who knows basketball pretty much expected this. The Warriors and Cavaliers are back in the NBA Finals, again. Whatever the hold these teams have on the East and West, respectively, have not yet been broken. The Golden State Warriors had