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Shawn Kemp owns Twitter with three words, “that’s right, Gary,” making cameo with Gary Payton in Seattle Seahawks’ ESPN promo vs. Minnesota Vikings, as fans want the SuperSonics back #MNF #SEAvsMIN [VIDEO]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Tonight, the Seattle SuperSonics fans are reliving the old days, and reminding the NBA that they want their team back. For eleven years, there have been no Sonics. It's odd, because in the 1990s, they were consistently one of the league's top teams. Led by Gary Payton

Charlie Puth and his Monday Night Football halftime show performance of “Mother” gets derided on Twitter as the worst ever, being described as “painful to watch,” criticized for lyrics and not being live + Gets clowned for being Jets fan

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Tonight, Charlie Puth did the halftime show for Monday Night Football, where the Jets are taking the Patriots on. Well, at 26-0, Patriots up, it's a skunking, but still. The only thing worse, for Jets fans, than the score, was the halftime show. These past few years,