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HHV Exclusive: Big Boi talks #BOOMIVERSE, #Superfly movie, and says “you gotta talk to Jesus about that” in regards to an Outkast reunion

 By Alyssa Debonair Staff Writer It's wild that Outkast hasn't put out any music since 2006. Both members say label politics have kept them from making any music together. While Andre 3000 has mostly stayed out of the spotlight, his other half, Big Boi, has focused on his solo career. Since 2010,

HHV Exclusive: Omari Hardwick talks new music project, being an artist since 2001, booking “Power,” race, and what to expect on season five

 By Alyssa Debonair Staff Writer Four years ago, Omari Hardwick made his debut as 'Ghost' on "Power" and things haven't been the same, since. Every summer, fans have grown accustomed to seeing Ghost and Tommy (Joseph Sikora) battle it out, over their turf. Meanwhile, Ghost battles himself, as James. As Ghost tries

HHV Exclusive: Jackie Christie talks new season of #BasketballWives, promising “a lot of twists and turns” and “shocking things”

 By Alyssa Debonair Staff Writer Over the years, Jackie Christie has become the "Basketball Wives" resident villain. Much like other reality TV villains, Jackie Christie is much different in her real life. Most TV shows have to deal with an antagonist and protagonist. However, in these shows like "Basketball Wives," people take