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RIP Lil Lonnie: Family, friends, and fans held a vigil for Lil Lonnie, last night, and someone fired shots, causing the people to run off (FULL VIDEO INCLUDED) #RIPLilLonnie [VIDEO]

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer Last weekend, coming into this week, some of the worst possible news hit. Rising Mississippi rapper, Lil Lonnie was shot and killed, although he didn't die immediately. Worst of all, Lil Lonnie was sitting inside of his car, when he got killed, similar to how Chinx Drugz

Lil Lonnie is NOT dead! Fans on Twitter are making RIP posts, but there are several other people from Jackson, Mississippi, who are requesting prayers for the buzzing rapper, hoping he pulls through, after he was shot

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer Apparently, Lil Lonnie was shot, tonight, but the overall details are not clear, but this story is developing. For those who aren't aware of him, Lil Lonnie is one of the hottest rising rappers, from the Deep South. He represents Jackson, Mississippi. Lil Lonnie first appeared on HHV's