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Drake becomes a meme after showing “fake concern” over Kevin Durant’s #Game4 injury: ” “Are you at home?” “Yeah, why?” *incoming FaceTime call* ” [VIDEO]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer The Toronto Raptors, until very recently, had middling successes. A lot of promise was shown, in the Chris Bosh era, but never realized. When he bolted for Miami, the Raptors bottomed out, but DeMar DeRozan was their diamond in the ruff. In 2012, Kyle Lowry joined the

Toronto Raptors’ logo was mistakenly replaced by the Houston Rockets’ “R” logo, during Game 2 of the #NBAFinals broadcast [PHOTO]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Through its history, the Toronto Raptors have always been an overlooked franchise. Aside from the Vince Carter era, the Raptors were never truly relevant. Before the Chris Bosh era could truly begin, he bolted for Miami. It wasn't until DeMar DeRozan took over, and Kyle Lowry joined,

Draymond Green shuts down reporter who asks him about “Drake scuffle” and Twitter jokes, saying Draymond called Pusha T up #NBAFinals

By Jay Rich Staff Writer In 2016, it became clear how important Draymond Green is to making sure the Golden State Warriors win. Tonight, Draymond Green was on, but Drake was distracting him. After Drake tormented the Bucks, Giannis' manager spoke out about his antics. While the Bucks are a young team,

Drake gets clowned for argument with Steph Curry, as fans on Twitter said he picked lint out of Curry’s hair in Game 1 #RaptorsvsWarriors #NBAFinals [VIDEO]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer A year ago, Drake was riding high, with "Nice For What" dominating the radio. After a strong 2018 run, fans are wondering where the music is at, but Drake is on Raptors' duty. Following years of Drake being a bandwagon fan, the Raptors are finally competing