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Bernice Burgos was spotted clubbing with Quavo, but the two aren’t dating, she’s involved with his friend, Hollywood Vito, instead

By Ricki Says Staff Writer This afternoon, some photos surfaced of last night's club night. It showed popular video vixen/model, Bernice Burgos, and she was spotted with another rapper. Last year, and the year before, Bernice had plenty of publicity, due to the T.I. and Tiny drama. Bernice Burgos was spotted with

Offset and Cardi B are already married and she’s pregnant? Rumors circulate Facebook and Twitter about Offset and Cardi B, also stating he’s still cheating

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Just before Christmas, Offset and Cardi B took over the headlines. As he is coming into his own, as a star, Offset was big on "Motorsport," his single with Migos, featuring Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. A video leaked, showing Offset sleeping with another woman. The video