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#IKnewLeavingNeverlandWasBS: Michael Jackson fans on Twitter trash the HBO documentary, “Leaving Neverland,” calling out how they knew it was false and Wade Robson #LeavingNeverland

By Bossyy Staff Writer Early this year, Michael Jackson was thrust into the headlines, on the year of the tenth anniversary of his death. The reason was due to the child molestation charges he beat, years before he died. All of this was rehashed in the controversial "Leaving Neverland" documentary. To top

Justin Bieber says Chris Brown is a mix of Michael Jackson and 2Pac; Wants people to give him his credit while he’s still alive [PHOTOS]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Through his career, Justin Bieber always had the hip hop influence, as one of his early mentors was Usher. Also, not to mention, Ludacris appeared on his first single. However, Bieber's music didn't begin attracting hip hop fans until 2012-2013. Justin Bieber made the full transition, in his

Fan on Twitter questions who the Beyoncé of men is, and fans argue whether it’s Jay-Z, Bruno Mars, Chris Brown, Bey herself, or Usher, as all answers get trashed

By Bossyy Staff Writer Few artists have ever been able to reach the status Beyonce has, while still living, arguably not even Michael Jackson. Nothing can take away from MJ's greatness, but his legacy wasn't fully appreciated until after his death. But, Beyonce has been appreciated since day one. While continuing to

Taj Jackson blasts HBO for trying to avoid blame for “Leaving Neverland,” as they added the word “alleged” to the show’s description #LeavingNeverland #LeavingNeverlandHBO

By Prince Hakeem Staff Writer Entering the year of the tenth anniversary of Michael Jackson's death, the HBO network decided to revisit his child molestation accusations. In 1993, Wade Robson, spoke up for Jackson under oath. Despite this, his stance would change by 2013. However, Wade Robson would later come forward to

SpaceGhostPurrp makes suicidal tweets, last night, also talks about his girlfriend, and only caring about her well-being, leading people to believe he may have killed himself

By Prince Hakeem Staff Writer Being an artist is tough, sometimes the stress is overwhelming. The stress of being an artist is what most say was the real killer of cultural icons, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Even lesser-known artists go through it. SpaceGhostPurrp, during the 2011-2012 period, was one of the

Oprah is deleting all of her “Leaving Neverland” coverage, including Wade Robson and James Safechuck interview

By Bossyy Staff Writer With nearly every male, so it seems, being brought into this whole #MeToo scandal, Michael Jackson couldn't escape it. Even in his death, he saw himself the subject of a major documentary. The "Surviving R. Kelly" docuseries inspired HBO's "Leaving Neverland." The original Michael Jackson accuser, Wade Robson,

Mo’Nique blasts Oprah and Gayle King, for their interviews with Michael Jackson accusers, and with R. Kelly, accusing them of tearing down black men, and Oprah of being fake for that last hug she gave her, at an industry event, and said “when I look at you, I see nothing but me” [VIDEO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer These past few years, Mo'Nique has found herself battling an industry she finds herself blackballed from. Initially, people did not believe her claims about Lee Daniels. After Damon Dash also went at Lee, people paid attention to what Mo'Nique had to say. Mo'Nique has since gotten some apologies,