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Bobby and Janet … Twitter and Instagram still have jokes, coming back with this meme about Michael Jackson staring Bobby Brown down, using a pic of Michael from the #Thriller video #BobbyBrownBET [PHOTO]

By M.A.C. Staff Writer Last night, episode one of two of "The Bobby Brown Story" premiered, showing Bobby Brown's (Woody McClain) rise from a street kid to an R&B king. Many only associate Bobby Brown with his volatile relationship with Whitney, but he had more. Janet Jackson, specifically. Social media was shocked

HHV On The Rise: Mayze

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer The city of Toronto has become one of the biggest hip hop cities. It's always had a strong culture, but the 2010s have seen the city become major, in hip hop, for many reasons. Not only was it Drake, but it was also DeMar DeRozan becoming a

Drake is being streamed 10 million times an hour with #Scorpion album

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer Even as the negative reviews continue coming in, Drake remains the biggest rapper in the game. A lot of people have talked about Drake "falling off," over the years. The Toronto rapper went all out, landing features from Jay-Z and Michael Jackson. Drake came out of the gate

Drake releases updated #Scorpion album track listing, showing features, confirming Michael Jackson will appear on “Don’t Matter To Me,” and also has a Jay-Z feature [PHOTO]

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer Definitely, Drake has been doing his thing, for some time. Last year, he actually proved how strong he was, when he willingly took a year off, when many others got hot. With Drake out of the way, Kendrick Lamar, DJ Khaled, Future, and French Montana had career

Joe Jackson has reportedly been hospitalized, due to terminal cancer

By Ricki Says Staff Writer According to reports, Joe Jackson is not doing too well. Without the efforts of Joe Jackson, music may be vastly different from what is has been. For starters, as the father to the Jacksons aka Jackson Five/5ive, he is the reason for several music icons being

Janet Jackson absolutely SLAYED her #BillboardMusicAwards2018 performance, Twitter was there for Ms. Jackson, and she delivered BIG TIME #BBMAs

By Ricki Says Staff Writer There is a reason Janet Jackson was given the Icon Award, during the Billboard Awards, tonight. Hours after her performance, and her iconic speech, people are still talking about her. When Janet Jackson was in her prime, she was the second-biggest artist of all-time. Of course, Michael