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Michael B. Jordan says he used to be billed as “the next Will Smith” and now people are looking for “the next me” in GQ interview

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Over the past year, Michael B. Jordan has become one of the biggest actors in Hollywood. This year, Jordan saw his stock rise in a big way, beginning with Black Panther. Since then, he has prepared for Creed II, which is coming soon. Michael B. Jordan is not new

Is This Your King? Michael B. Jordan Responds to Fans Being Angry About Him Dating a White Woman While on Vacation: “There’s Not A lot of Black Women in Italy” [Video]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Michael B. Jordan has been receiving a lot of backlash from fans after he was seen with a woman, with no melanin, while on vacation in Italy. Michael took to Instagram live to clear the air about his choice in women. He laughs and jokes about fans going

Ray J was JAMMING during the Anita Baker tribute performance, but Twitter said he didn’t know the words, and that he should dance with Princess, but him vibing out was EVERYTHING #BETAwards

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Just like what Twitter is saying... is it ever an award show without the camera showing Ray J vibing out? Over the years, Ray J has made himself the reality TV king. Dude shows up on nearly every reality show, in one way or another. Since 2014,