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Evelyn went too far, calling CeCe “LeLe,” and she is being dragged on Twitter, labeled as a racist, for what she said, and even Shaunie said she went too far + Fans say she and Jennifer were talking about her #BasketballWives #BBWLA

By M.A.C. Staff Writer Throughout the years, Evelyn Lozada has been the resident bad girl of the "Basketball Wives" series. Back in the Miami days, she had some intense fights with Tami Roman. The two have tried making amends, over the years, but it has never stuck. Evelyn has gone at nearly

Lil Pump blasts #Lollapalooza for cutting his set short, calling it “f*ck sh*t,” saying they were mad because his fans were “moshpitting to hard” [VIDEO]

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer The Miami hip hop scene has produced tons of legends, over the past three decades. In recent years, Miami has proven to be one of the breeding grounds for new talents. Towards the end of 2017, Lil Pump emerged, from Miami. Lil Pump was one of many viral