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Kawhi Leonard gets placed on New Balance billboard in Oakland, where they taunt the Warriors, calling him “king of the North” [PHOTO]

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Animosity SHOULD run deep, between Kawhi Leonard and the Golden State Warriors, but he doesn't seem like that kind of guy. Revisionist history says the 2017 Warriors were unstoppable. Actuality, though, is that Kawhi Leonard's Spurs posed a huge threat. Even after the Warriors got Kevin Durant,

Nipsey Hussle is honored by the Los Angeles Clippers, before Grizzlies’ game, in the wake of his death #RIPNIP [VIDEO]

By Prince Hakeem Staff Writer Last season was one of the worst in Los Angeles Clippers' recent history. Historically, the Clippers are synonymous with losing, but since 2011, the team has been good. Actually, since 2012, they have routinely been far better than their in-arena counterparts. Losing Blake Griffin and Chris Paul

Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, and Draymond Green talk Game 3 New Orleans’ scoring runs, bad start, Steph’s injury, Draymond vs. Rajon Rondo, Anthony Davis, and more #GSWvsNOP #NBAPlayoffs [VIDEO]

By Jay Rich HHV Sports Senior Staff Writer Obviously, this season hasn't been like the other Golden State Warriors' seasons. Usually, this team wins 67 games and they bulldoze through the playoffs. The only time they really struggled, outside of the Finals, was the 2015 second round against Memphis. Since Game 2, the

Lance Stephenson is giving LeBron that work, and he dunked on him! The Pacers are blowing out the Cavs and Twitter says Lance is bullying LeBron like it’s 2014! #CavsPacers #NBAPlayoffs [VIDEO]

By G Moniy HHV Sports Staff Writer Last year, it looked like Lance Stephenson would never have a moment like this, again. After the 2014 playoffs, Lance's stock was high, and he took a chance on the Charlotte Hornets. That gamble didn't pay off, and he was traded to the LA Clippers,