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AG Cubano – “Cold Piece of Work”

Recently, Maybach Music Latino's AG Cubano dropped his Power Move mixtape. The project has set the game ablaze, as did his last release. A lot of the songs off the tape have leaked individually. "Cold Piece of Work" is included in this list. Listen to "Cold Piece of Work" by AG Cubano

Mixtape Preview: Maybach Dice – “God’s Plan”

By Hardcore Critic Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer At 3 pm, Maybach Dice will take a big step in his career when he releases his upcoming mixtape, God's Plan. Hailing from Queens, Maybach Dice would rap around the likes of Freaky Tah and then he would begin working with Domination, of Bang 'Em Smurf and

Maybach Dice releases track listing for “God’s Plan”

By The Hip Hop Writer Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer In the midst of many controversies and major news stories, Maybach Dice has been working diligently on his mixtape, God's Plan. During the summer of 2012, Maybach Dice began making waves. After a meeting between Bang 'Em Smurf and French Montana, Dice

AG Cubano preparing “Power Trip” tour

By The Hip Hop Writer Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer Maybach Music Latino has been putting in work for nearly two years. Since the formation of the company, they have been working hard to live up to their name. The first official release from Maybach Music Latino, AG Cubano's Power Trip, did