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Fizz said Immature ain’t his people and he and Apryl are the ones really “unbothered,” shading Omarion, so Twitter dragged TF out of him #LHHH

By Bossyy Staff Writer Because of his past comments about Omarion, when Fizz said they were never friends, people believed him. However, people were willing to overlook the "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" scenes, where they said they were "brothers." This season, J-Boog was his only friend, though. J-Boog had to have

J-Boog said Fizz didn’t ruin everything, but ruined about 99% of it, calls him “Fizzle Pop,” says he’s done with B2K, and is frustrated, wanting all the smoke with whomever [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer When questioned of how and why he could date Omarion's ex, and mother of his children, Lil Fizz said they were never friends. He said their relationship with B2K was only business. This went against everything people saw play out on TV. Claiming J-Boog was his only friend

Brandy gassed Ray J, with the “Ray’s sister” thing and #LHHH fans have jokes, but are surprised to find out how she blinded Rome, from Immature’s, eye and that she had a crush on him

By Bossyy Staff Writer An era of music that was nearly forgotten resurfaced in 2019. It all began with B2K reuniting for their tour, which brought the entire 2002-2006 era of music back. But, there was also the Lil Fizz drama, with him dating Omarion's baby mama, Apryl Jones. According to J-Boog,

Apryl is being dragged on Twitter, for now saying she wants the best for Moniece and Fizz co-parenting + Claims Meek Mill tried to talk to her and he’s Omarion’s label-mate! #LHHH

By Bossyy Staff Writer Where Apryl Jones is concerned, there is a lot of drama. All of this drama stems from the time she's spent with Lil Fizz, because of his history with Omarion, as a part of B2K. After years of claiming to be "brothers," Fizz is now saying he

J. Holiday disses Ray J and threatens to beat the B5 group up, as Immature’s #TBT tour struggles to sell tickets; B5’s Dustin tells J. Holiday to never come at them again, as Twitter says he’s too old to beef with them and clowns his bottom teeth [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer Suddenly, it's 2007 again, and it's back looking for beef. The year of 2007 was to be a transformation year for hip hop, with B5 being the group of the future, and J. Holiday being the voice of the future. In the end, both were mostly forgotten