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Princess told Ray J to get an Uber home, after he told her he was going to Las Vegas! #LHHH fans thought that was hilarious and also say their baby, Melody, is beautiful

By Bossyy Staff Writer Five years ago, Princess Love was properly introduced to the world, and she was a lot to take. During the first two "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" seasons, fans didn't know how to take her. What she was showing was her inner strength and savvy. Princess Love wasn't

#LHHH fans! We found the episode of “One on One” where Marques Houston, Ray J, and Omarion were all in the same scene, in the “One on One” / “Cuts” crossover

By Bossyy Staff Writer The previous two episodes of "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" have centered on the feud between Ray J and Marques Houston that most didn't even know happened. Finally getting Ray and MH, face-to-face, the feud was over "Cuts." This is something only UPN viewers know of. J-Boog, when

So, Ray J was beefing with Marques Houston over “Cuts?” Twitter reacts to the decades-long beef and Ray J dissing MH in the infamous video and “The Booty Fruity diss track, but they’re going on tour #LHHH

By Bossyy Staff Writer Wowwwww (Flavor Flav voice), who knew Ray J was holding all that in for so long against Marques Houston? Most knew Ray J had beef with him and Chris Stokes, because of the diss interview. Also, Ray J had the diss track, "The Booty Fruity," going at

Immature gets dragged on Twitter for wanting as much money as Marques Houston; Fans side with MH and say he is the vocals of the group #LHHH

By Bossyy Staff Writer A lot of people on Twitter are trying to dismiss Immature aka IMX, but it's clear they're too young to remember. Those who do understand how much bigger they were than B2K. After all, there is a reason Marques Houston's solo career was bigger than Omarion's. Immature reunited,

J-Booog is about his business and #LHHH fans are here for that, but they are NOT with Marques Houston being his cousin, bringing up how Omarion was supposed to be his brother

By Bossyy Staff Writer Why not J-Booog if Jay-Z could do it, right? J-Booog is relatively young, still, and is the one keeping the B2K tour together. His sitdown with Fizz was very reminiscent of Michael Bivins, who rose to be the business head of New Edition. Like Bivins, J-Booog wants his