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Mariah Lynn just stepped into this Nicki Minaj / DJ Self drama, outing Safaree, saying he told her stories about Nicki, and calls her a “real life corny a** b*tch” … The Barbz are dragging her, too, clowning her for not having a hit after three years on #LHHNY

By M.A.C. Staff Writer The underlying theme of this Nicki Minaj/DJ Self stuff is the media's obsession with pitting Nicki Minaj against Cardi B. Both of these ladies make great music. Nobody will touch Nicki Minaj, when it comes to the impact she made, 2009-2011. Meanwhile, Cardi B has also had an

DJ Self responds to all the negative comments he’s been getting, in reaction to Cardi B’s success, and he talks about how much he’s given back to people #LHHNY [VIDEO]

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer Back in 2015, "Love & Hip Hop" went through some massive changed, sparked by Erica Mena leaving. It wasn't just her, though, as Cyn also left, along with Joe Budden and Tahiry. That led to Cardi B, DJ Self, MariahLynn, and Young B (Bianca) joining the show. DJ

Remy Ma tells Cardi B to “shut up,” after her Ebro interview, where she said she didn’t have beef with Nicki Minaj, calling her a liar [AUDIO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer When it comes to Remy Ma, what she's done has been very impressive. Usually, an artist going to prison, and spending years behind bars, marks the end of their careers. But, Remy Ma played her return smart, keeping a low profile when she first came back. Remy

Safaree and Mariah Lynn shared a steamy hot tub? Twitter and Ms. Juju don’t look too pleased … Safaree’s package keep distracting everyone #LHHNY #LHHNYReunion

By Ricki Says Staff Writer "Love & Hip Hop: The Reunion" part two is off to a hot start, but it's almost over. This year, the reunion, in just two episodes, was better than the whole season. Many people complained that this season was boring, but Safaree brought life and energy