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On The Rise: D-Edge

By Carlos Cureno Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer While Gary, Indiana isn't noted much for its hip hop scene, the city is the birthplace of music royalty. The Jackson 5 group originated from the city of Gary. Obviously, this means Michael Jackson is also a native of the city. 201900

Hottie of the Week: DoseofDrea

By Stranga The Great Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer One of the more popular models on the ink market is DoseofDrea, a native of New York City. Bringing a unique look, DoseofDrea really draws the people in. She has enough curves to keep the people interested and she is proud to flaunt

Hip Hop Hall of Fame coming to New York City in 2017 [VIDEO]

By K.B. Tindal Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer To think, once hip hop was only considered a trend is laughable, as it has become a culture. Actually, hip hop is a universal language that unites people of all different backgrounds. Now, hip hop officially has a place to call home. 149670