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Lil’ Kim’s weird actions towards Maino at her Proclamation to the City ceremony have been explained; Vivicca A. Whistett explains that Maino bumrushed the ceremony and tried to choke her

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Those who watched the video of Lil' Kim being honored by Brooklyn, being given Proclamation to the City, noticed one weird thing. Despite her history with Maino, she didn't want him there. He kept touching her and she kept taking his hands off her. Maino even did

Lil’ Kim receives Proclamation to the City in Brooklyn and Styles P gives a speech in her honor, naming her the “Queen of hip hop,” Maino presented her the plaque, and Kim gave a speech about artists’ power [VIDEO]

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer During the weekend, Lil' Kim was receiving tons of shine. As she did last year, Lil' Kim performed at Summer Jam and Remy Ma performed with her. But, the good news keeps coming for Lil' Kim, who received an honor in Brooklyn. Lil' Kim hasn't dropped a hit