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Ludacris disses fake 6ix9ine / Tekashi69 on #WildNOut, saying he’d sign Nick Cannon over Tekashi, because he’s not sure how much time he has left… Twitter explodes and the ladies say Luda is looking good on there

By M.A.C. Staff Writer Yesterday, seemingly out of nowhere, 6ix9ine started going in on Ludacris. At the time, nobody knew it was for the same reason that Azealia Banks had beef with Nick Cannon. Minutes later, people learned it was the same "Wild 'N Out" episode. Ludacris has been out of the

6ix9ine continues tirade against Ludacris, telling him to “suck my motherf*cking d*ck,” calling him “irrelevant, “Fast and the Furious,” old bum,” says he’s best known for rapping on Justin Bieber’s “Baby,” and clowns “Move B*tch” single [VIDEO]

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer Fresh off his apology for all the beefs, following his Chicago stunt, 6ix9ine is back at it. Out of all the people, Ludacris is the one he's beefing with. Their beef has erupted due to Ludacris recently speaking on him, saying he didn't know how long he

Tekashi69 Blasts Ludacris After He Says He Doesn’t Know How Much Longer 69 Will Be Around; 69 Responds Calling Luda a “TV Host B*tch” Who Can’t Sell A Record to Save His Life [VIDEO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Another day, another beef for Tekashi69, but this time, we can actually say that Tekashi69 didn’t really start it. Clips from the upcoming episode of Wild N Out surfaced, and in the clip it shows Ludacris throwing shade at Tekashi69. In the round “Plead The 5th,” a