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Shay Johnson and Miami Tip went on IG Live to rant about Jojo, going IN on her + Shay says she lost her house, lives with her mom, and lost her business, while Miami Tip says she was trying to smash Jojo #LHHMIA [VIDEO]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer So far, season two of "Love & Hip Hop Miami" is Jojo making enemies out of the whole cast. On one side, Jojo is being portrayed as the one igniting the Prince/Bobby feud. When she and Prince had their blowup, he even told Jojo he thought

Veronica Vega broke down on tonight’s episode and most of Twitter doesn’t care, telling her she still hasn’t proven she’s black, looking for a black family member; #LHHMIA fans are still upset over how she did Amara, stealing her speech, and wondering why Polow Da Don spent over $1 million on her career

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Last season, Veronica Vega basically pulled a Masika on Amara La Negra. Starting out as her friend, Veronica turned on Amara, siding with Young Hollywood over the afro thing. Soon, Veronica had Hollywood producing a track for her. Veronica Vega was making noise, doing songs with many

Prince is really getting roasted on Twitter for his dance; #LHHMIA viewers say he needs to stick to the “love” and leave the “hip hop” alone

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Dating back to season one, Prince has always faced jokes, and questions about his preferences. Much of this is due to Bobby Lytes being his best friend. But, the two are best friends, even though Bobby isn't too happy with Prince, right now. Prince was introduced, on

Shay got up as soon as she saw Trina! #LHHMIA fans on Twitter say Shay doesn’t want that smoke and she isn’t as bad as she claims she is, sitting down with Joy because of Trina

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Real talk, a lot of people sleep on Shay Johnson, but she's been turning out VH1, with fights, since before "Love & Hip Hop" was even a thing. It was a six year thing for her, at one point. She did "Flavor of Love," in 2006,

Safaree should just take the deal, according to Twitter; #LHHNY fans think Safaree should just do the sex toy deal, because they don’t believe music is it for him

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Even though Safaree was late to the party, he has made VH1 his vehicle. This man has done all of the "Love & Hip Hop" shows, with the exception of "Miami" and "Atlanta." Safaree even did "Scared Famous," where he and Erica Mena first got close. Early