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Solo Lucci blasts Alexis Sky after she accused him of looking for clout by claiming he’s her baby daddy, saying “how TF is that clout, that sh*t embarrassing” #LHHNY [VIDEO]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Two seasons ago, Alexis Sky joined "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood," where she and Solo Lucci dated. Ironically, her storyline was all about Masika and Fetty Wap. The irony was that Fetty Wap was a regular on the previous season and no longer on the show. Masika,

Hazel-E comes for Masika after seeing her IG Story dissing her, telling her to “I was never ya friend, either, you was just another clout chaser I put on” + Masika responds with DMs of Hazel trying to be friends again [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Last night, Masika answered some questions on her IG Story. One thing was clear, Masika still doesn't like Hazel-E or Miss Nikkii Baby. A single comment from Masika about them led to both ladies putting videos out, dissing Masika. Hazel-E is always up for some shade, so

Miss Nikki Baby re-ignited #LHHH feud with Masika, after Masika shaded her in an IG Story Q&A, clowning Masika for never being claimed by Mally Mall and questioning if Fetty Wap is even really her baby daddy [VIDEO]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer People often comment on how "Love & Hip Hop" has changed, over the years. Many of the longtime people of the show aren't even recognizable, anymore. But, when it comes to "Hollywood," Nikki has remained constant in one thing, family. Nikki dealt with the loss of her