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Moniece and AD Diggs have officially broken up… AD makes message clear on Instagram and Moniece reposts it, with a sad message about how she wishes it wasn’t over, and that AD didn’t go this route to end it #LHHH [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Two seasons ago, Moniece introduced a new lover, on the third season of "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood." Coming as a surprise to some, Moniece now had a woman in her life. Enter AD Diggs, and the two had a drama-filled relationship. There was Moniece's consistent jealousy,

Alexis Sky is only 24? Twitter wishes Alexis Sky a happy birthday, but is shocked that she’s so young, and she’s actually younger than people think, as she’s 23, not turning 24, until July 14

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Since 2015, Alexis Sky has been in the public eye. She first rose to fame, when she and Fetty Wap began dating. Already, she was well-known as a model, who was making some major moves, in the industry, also selling her products. Alexis Sky, before the fame,

Video surfaces of Teairra Mari cursing Milan out and hitting him, forcing him to grab her, as he again accuses her of leaking her sextape, herself, but eventually leaves with Milan, and blasting Akbar #LHHH [VIDEO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Exactly what is going on with Teairra Mari is hard to identify. One thing is for sure, though, with "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" only two weeks away, she is commanding more spotlight. But, for whatever reason, she and Milan Christopher have beef. This caught many by

Milan Christopher continues tirade against Teairra Mari, sharing videos on IG Live of her going off on him, while Akbar was standing right there, and she got in his car (FULL VIDEOS) #LHHH [VIDEOS]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Recently, Milan Christopher and Teairra Mari have really been going at it with each other. The two were the best of friends, not too long ago, with Milan pulling up on Akbar to fight, over the sextape. Those times are now long ago, in his book. Milan