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Shay is making a fool out of herself with Pleasure P, according to #LHHMIA fans; They are saying he has “Hazel-type delusions” about Scrappy riding for her, and many more insults

By Ricki Says Staff Writer It is always sad to see a person mistreated, and it's even worse when they keep falling for the same traps. After awhile, people begin to turn on the person they're rooting for. What is often misconstrued about Shay Johsnon is her quests for love. Time has

Joseline Hernandez is producing, and starring in, “The Magic City of Miami,” a new show detailing her life as a single mother in Miami

By Ricki Says Staff Writer At the end of season six, on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," Joseline made plans to leave the show. Upset, before the start of the reunion show, she announced she quit. Soon, Joseline dissed Mona Scott-Young, on social media, ending her and K. Michelle's friendship. Joseline established

Tommie and Karlie Redd are cool now? The #LHHATL rivals were photoed hanging out with Supa Cindy at “Love & Hip Hop Miami” launch event #LHHMIA

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Historically, there is no love lost between Tommie and Karlie Redd. In the early episodes of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," season five, the ladies were friends-ish, but they had tension. Later, Karlie befriended Tiarra, who was Tommie's boyfriend, Scrapp's, ex. Soon, Karlie and Tommie became full-blown

Tommie allegedly got into an intense argument with Karen King aka KK, where she was found with a loaded gun in her possession + KK’s team reportedly had to draw guns on Tommie to get her to leave #LHHATL

By Ricki Says Staff Writer This is hard to watch, for those who remember Tommie and KK, before their falling out. In fact, KK was so high on Tommie that she hooked her up with her son, Scrapp. The two made for a happy couple, until he became involved with Karlie

Jennifer Williams has broken up with Tim Norman and is now involved with Benzino and Althea exposed their whole affair + Jennifer posts Benzino on IG Live! #TheNext15

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Those who remember "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" season three should remember the Benzino/Stevie J fallout and Joseline's reunion fight. A lot of other details have gone overlooked. But, this helped drive stories for reality shows, on other channels. Benzino left "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," but

K. Michelle talks finding love, paying for college with a yodeling scholarship, and what it means to be “real” on #SisterCircleLive [VIDEO]

By Alyssa Debonair Staff Writer After falling from the spotlight, following her last "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" stint, K. Michelle is making her return. With the exception of 2015, K. Michelle has dropped an album every year, since her debut. A lot of people are looking forward to KIMBERLY, her newest