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Diddy was spotted out with Lori Harvey, as video surfaces of them holding hands, and now the dating rumors have intensified [VIDEO]

  By Tamantha Staff Writer Yesterday, there were rumors that surfaced of Diddy and Lori Harvey spending time together. With the way these celebrities move, it's hard to keep up with. Then, there are people who create stories that are nowhere near the truth. Diddy has been all over the place, since Kim

Lori Harvey gets DRAGGED by the BeyHive for smiling at Jay-Z, as they leave the bee emoji in her comments [PHOTO + VIDEO]

 By Tamantha Staff Writer Due to recent controversy, Lori Harvey is finding herself all over the blogs, and one of social media's favorite topics. A relatively young woman, she had Twitter going in, when she allegedly played Trey Songz. Everybody knows his "ladies' man" persona. Lori Harvey left that in shambles, with

Trey Songz posts pic of him resting his head on a darkskin girl’s booty and girls in the comments go crazy, giving Trey props for showing love to the chocolate sistas

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer No R&B singer was touching Trey Songz, specially in that 2009-2012 period. Back then, Trey was the undisputed king of R&B, but he has since been replaced by Chris Brown, his fellow VA native. The popular singer has been on a comeback, as of late, with

Lori Harvey posts first pic of her and Trey Songz on her Instagram, with her sitting in his lap, confirming their relationship with “it is what it is” caption [PHOTO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer For months, now, Trey Songz and Lori Harvey have been rumored to be together. The two have been spotted by photographers, with Lori going as far as trying to hide her face. But, for a while, now, people have known what's up with them. Lori Harvey is a