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London Rapper Cadet Died In Car Crash While On The Way To His Show

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer Cadet has been a popular London artist along with all around England. In 2017, he made a name for himself with his "The Commitment 2" album and his "Advice" single last year. Sadly, he died early this morning in a car crash while on the way

Boosie holds nothing back and sends direct shots at Demi Lovato for clowning 21 Savage, calling her a “junkie since Disney,” and laughing at her rehab stint [PHOTO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer News about 21 Savage was certainly bizarre, to say the very least. The past three years have seen 21 Savage slowly become one of the biggest names in music. Where 21 was from was no big deal, of course, but nobody expected him to really be from

Nikki vs. Solo Lucci is really a thing, but in her mouth, tho? Fans on Twitter aren’t even into the plot, but most believe Solo really did smash, and Nikki is the liar + Fans say if Nikki gets mad by throwing stacks of cash, be mad at them too #LHHH [PHOTO]

By M.A.C. Staff Writer Earlier this season, there was a rumor that Solo Lucci had a threesome with Nikki and Teairra Mari. It was said that this rumor would become a part of the season. During the girls' London trip, Brooke Valentine brought up the rumor about Nikki and Solo Lucci. Off

Moniece is a good one… Fans on Twitter say they would have laid hands on Brooke, seeing how she did her, plus with her trying to accuse Moniece of lying, faking her medical condition #LHHH

By M.A.C. Staff Writer On the episode of "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood," from two weeks ago, some foul ish went down. After running into Roccstar, Moniece decided to get back into the studio. Of course, Roccstar also claimed he slept with her, before he immediately began clowning her. Moniece and Brooke

Moniece … Why is she so concerned with La’Britney; Fans on Twitter are glad La’Britney checked her and want her to focus on her own ish, but glad they made friends #LHHH

By M.A.C. Staff Writer Ahead of this London trip, Moniece had a lot to say about La'Britney. In the beginning of the episode, Brooke Valentine was being shady, talking about Moniece behind her back. But, the joke ended up being on Brooke, as Moniece walked up, mid-sentence. Moniece, meanwhile, had a lot