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Tank sparks controversy, after saying a man performing oral on another man does not make him gay, even if he does it twice; Twitter is going in on Tank for those comments [VIDEO]

By Bossyy Staff Writer The world first got to know Tank, back in 2000, when he made his debut in the R&B world. Early 2000s R&B was a tough beast, as Tank was matched up with Tyrese, Sisqo, R. Kelly, Case, Joe, and Usher. Later, there was Usher, Marques Houston, Omarion,

#MillennialNegroSpirituals: Black Twitter kicks off #BlackHistoryMonth by sharing lyrics from Chingy, Cardi B, Bobby Shmurda, and many others, as their “spirituals”

By Ricki Says Staff Writer There's no telling what Black Twitter will come up with next. This morning, Black History Month kicked off, and it has become the leading trending Twitter topic. However, the youth is more focused on music, and song quotes. For Black Twitter, #MillennialNegroSpirituals has become the leading trending