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Southside blasts Yung Miami, confirming breakup, saying “I don’t go with that hoe no more,” “nobody cares that you single, nobody gonna wife you anyway, baby shower on the way” [VIDEO]

By Ahsinet Monee Staff Writer Following months of speculation, Yung Miami confirmed Southside was the man in her life. This came just days after she told people to stop talking about her and Southside. But, as soon as the two went public, the problems began. Yung Miami, before Southside, was rumored to

At The Same Damn Time! QC CEO, Pee, Confirms That Lira Galore is Pregnant With His Baby Just an Hour After Confirming Kaylar Will Was Pregnant With His Baby Too [VIDEO]

 By Tamantha Staff Writer In the words of Nene Leakes, “whew chile...the ghetto.” Social media is all over the place today and we can thank raw-dogging Pierre “Pee” Thomas for that. Just a few moments after he confirmed that he was the baby daddy of Kaylar Will’s unborn child, he uploads

Smh! Woman Exposes QC CEO, Pee, of Cheating on his Fiancée, Lira Galore; Posts Screenshots Of DM’s, Texts and Flight Confirmations

By Tamantha Staff Writer Pierre “Pee” Thomas might have some explaining to do...or in Lira’s case, some gifts to buy, because he is getting exposed! A woman by the twitter handle “briaaaaaaaal” has posted DM’s, texts, and flight confirmations from Pee. The two started talking through DM and he got

Lira Galore posts scriptures on IG Story, responding to the shade P has been throwing at her, since the Yung Miami rumors began + Yung Miami’s baby daddy’s sister, @juicydelise has beef with Lira and called her out! [PHOTOS]

By M.A.C. Staff Writer A few years ago, Lira Galore was introduced to the masses, due to her high-profile relationship. Since then, Lira Galore has gotten into a series of situations. Early last year, she had the sextape that ended up being one of the biggest tapes in recent history. Lira Galore