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Joe Budden takes a stand against Molly… Twitter comes for Joe Budden, after his Molly comments, on his podcast, by dragging up old 2013 interview with Lisa Evers about his Molly usage

By Bossyy Staff Writer Six years isn't a huge amount of time, but it is enough time for a person to change their stance. In the case of Joe Budden, he was once a struggling rapper with a drug addiction. The New Jersey rapper would get clean and reinvent himself as

Sosamann, Wiz Khalifa’s artist, gets arrested for human trafficking, accused of convincing two young women to come to California to become famous, but forcing them to turn tricks instead

By Jay Rich Staff Writer Since 2016, Sosamann has been an emerging star in the game. Some still consider him a rising star, as Sosamann has yet to fully break through. Towards the end of 2018, he did receive a big break, when he was tapped by Lil Wayne to be