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Boosie just had the wildest IG Live, which has taken over Twitter, as he threw a topless pool party, since his kids were gone, also hilariously ends Live with an underage girl (“IT’S A KID, BLOCK EM”), and spreads butter on his sandwich with his finger

By Prince Hakeem Staff Writer Every time Boosie gets on IG, he goes live, and he always has something wild going on. Unlike some of these rappers, who honestly are trying too hard, Boosie is actually funny. His stuff is entertaining, without him trying to be entertaining. Literally, Boosie said that his

Free Boosie: Boosie arrested on felony drug and firearm charges, five years after being released from prison, and Twitter calls it a conspiracy, saying they took Nipsey, but can’t have Boosie #FreeBoosie

By Prince Hakeem Staff Writer When Nipsey Hussle died, many focused their attention to an interview that Boosie did, speaking on hate in a person's own hood. Then, after the death of Nipsey, Boosie spoke on how they did him. A local, but successful, rapper was killed, and Boosie had his

Boosie and his questionable Jussie Smollett caption have Twitter wondering exactly what he meant, questioning if their favorite rapper just came out of the closet + Boosie changed his caption

By Tamantha Staff Writer Most people consider Boosie to be one of the hardest rappers in the game. Few people survive the things he has gone through, let alone to still have a thriving career. The Baton Rouge rapper did five years in prison and then beat pancreatic cancer. Boosie is definitely

Boosie gets his sexuality brought into question, as he posts pic of Jussie Smollett resting his head with caption “That D make you do some crazy sh*t,” and using the emoji; Fans say Boosie is “suspect” [PHOTO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Wrong choice of words, Boosie, wrong choice! Yeah, the caption, alone, is going to get Boosie eaten alive, for this one, but it all probably came out wrong. Through his career, Boosie, like most rappers, built a reputation as a "ladies man." Jussie Smollett, on the other hand,