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Boosie and his questionable Jussie Smollett caption have Twitter wondering exactly what he meant, questioning if their favorite rapper just came out of the closet + Boosie changed his caption

By Tamantha Staff Writer Most people consider Boosie to be one of the hardest rappers in the game. Few people survive the things he has gone through, let alone to still have a thriving career. The Baton Rouge rapper did five years in prison and then beat pancreatic cancer. Boosie is definitely

Boosie gets his sexuality brought into question, as he posts pic of Jussie Smollett resting his head with caption “That D make you do some crazy sh*t,” and using the emoji; Fans say Boosie is “suspect” [PHOTO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer Wrong choice of words, Boosie, wrong choice! Yeah, the caption, alone, is going to get Boosie eaten alive, for this one, but it all probably came out wrong. Through his career, Boosie, like most rappers, built a reputation as a "ladies man." Jussie Smollett, on the other hand,

Boosie holds nothing back and sends direct shots at Demi Lovato for clowning 21 Savage, calling her a “junkie since Disney,” and laughing at her rehab stint [PHOTO]

By Tamantha Staff Writer News about 21 Savage was certainly bizarre, to say the very least. The past three years have seen 21 Savage slowly become one of the biggest names in music. Where 21 was from was no big deal, of course, but nobody expected him to really be from

Boosie reveals his Huntsville show ended with a shootout in front of the club, before it even started, and calls it “the wild wild west” [VIDEO]

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer When it comes to hardcore rap, in the Deep South, Boosie Badazz is the epitome of it. The Baton Rouge rapper took over the streets and soon had the whole South behind him. All of his success didn't come without struggle, though. Boosie ended up going to

HHV On The Rise Artist of the Year: Yella Beezy

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer The current industry climate includes a lot of talking about being independent. Since the 1990s, when artists got on by owning their labels, most artists try to go independent. Few of them go as independent as Yella Beezy, who hails from Dallas. Yella Beezy dropped "That's On