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Kelis is being DRAGGED by Twitter, after Nas aired out all of their business, and the struggle he’s gone through trying to see his son, in his IG comments … Fans say they need BET to do a Nas and Kelis biopic

By M.A.C. Staff Writer Everything seemed all good between Nas and Kelis, until they suddenly broke up, in 2009. The couple seemed to be an alternative to the pop-friendly, Jay-Z and Beyonce. It turns out, they couldn't maintain the longevity, despite welcoming a child into their union. Nas and Kelis divorced and

Nasir is the title of Nas’ new album and it drops tonight, via Mass Appeal/Def Jam, on the heels of him signing joint venture deal with Universal Music Group

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer Since 2013, fans have patiently waited for Nas to drop a follow-up album. In 2012, Nas dropped his long-awaited album, Life is Good, and it is regarded as a classic. That album followed a four-year hiatus, after which Nas said he was inspired and had many more albums

Nas album track listing leaks on Twitter, produced by Kanye West #Nas [PHOTO]

By Chox-Mak Staff Writer It's been six years since Nas touched down and blessed the world with a new album. Things changed for him, but Nas celebrated life, letting people know Life is Good. At the time, Nas said he felt inspired, and promised another album "soon." Unfortunately, "soon" turned into the longest