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Lemonade takes over Twitter, as news breaks of Beyoncé releasing audio version of #Lemonade film on all streaming platforms, on April 23, as album returns to Spotify charts

By Bossyy Staff Writer Currently, Beyonce has reclaimed the spotlight, with her HOMECOMING album release. This project has made it Beychella all over again, as Beyonce came with it, as she always does. The legendary singer now has her old album trending. Beyonce is much more than the typical star, as she dominates

Bey and Jay!!! Twitter is here for Beyonce and Jay-Z renewing their vows and making a video of it, sharing it on #OTRII first date, as other fans criticize, saying they charged all that money to perform last year’s songs, and show the babies + Vow renewal

By Ricki Says Staff Writer Earlier this year, Beyonce and Jay-Z announced their "On The Run" II tour. The tour kicked off today and fans were excited to see Sir and Rumi, their twins, for the first time. Many fans were happy about this, but they were expecting more. Coming into the

Cardi B calls out Azealia Banks over her comments about her sounding “illiterate” on #TheBreakfastClub, accusing Banks of also dragging Beyonce and bleaching her skin, adding “I’m not apologizing or killing myself because of who I am” [PHOTO]

By Ricki Says Staff Writer When Cardi B said "Be Careful," she wasn't just talking to or about her potential lovers. This is a warning, overall, because she is going to hit back. Often, she reminds people that she doesn't do beef on records, but it doesn't mean she doesn't check

Beyonce wins again, as #Lemonade returns to number one on the iTunes chart, two years after its release, following her Coachella performance #Beychella

By Alyssa Debonair Staff Writer One thing people overlook, when it comes to Beyonce, is that she wins a lot, because she's humble. People try to spin it a different way, but she's a kind woman. Also, whenever she's had the chance, she looks out for deserving people. Back in 2006, Beyonce

Bey and Jay announce “On The Run 2” tour, and then retracted, as the #BeyHive believes Beyonce has a new album in the works + Says she’s playing with their emotions

By Alyssa Debonair Staff Writer In 2014, Jay-Z and Beyonce made the decision to go on tour. They named their tour after Jay-Z's single, "Part II (On The Run)," which featured Beyonce. At the time, they had the game on lock, as Beyonce had her "Drunk In Love" single, with Jay-Z,