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LeBron James faces serious accusations, just days after bruising loss to the Golden State Warriors, as news reporter, Sharon Reed, is facing ridiculous claims of having a secret lovechild with him… Man claiming to be her father put NBA star on blast and threatens tell-all book

By Ricki Says Staff Writer On the basketball court, LeBron James is a polarizing figure. Either people love him, or they hate him, there's no in between. But, when it comes to his character, this is something no one argues, as LeBron stands for what's right and boldly calls the president

LeBron walked off! Fans on Twitter aren’t with that “Poor LeBron” talk, going in on James for walking off the court, but he congratulated the Warriors ON THE COURT + ABC played “End of the Road” SMH! #NBAFinals

By G Moniy HHV Sports Staff Writer Tonight, the Golden State Warriors took all the misery out of the game, and the series. Finishing what they started, the Warriors wanted to fly back to Oakland with no unfinished business. From start to finish, the team went in on the Cleveland Cavaliers. While LeBron

Bron Bron … Fans on Twitter have predicted the Cavs will be swept in the 2018 #NBAFinals, and say they feel sorry for him, as they guess he’s leaving Cleveland, after going 1-8 against the Warriors, since beating them in 2016

By G Moniy HHV Sports Staff Writer Nothing can take away from LeBron James' legacy. For years, people have pit him against Michael Jordan, giving him the edge for winning six titles, without ever losing in the NBA Finals. Now that LeBron James has gone to the Finals eight straight times, that

Steph and Klay have played like crap, but they have Kevin Durant to bail them out; Fans on Twitter are shocked that JaVale McGee has more points than them and the Warriors are winning #NBAFinals

By G Moniy HHV Sports Staff Writer This is where it gets just a little bit unfair, the Warriors are going into the fourth quarter with a two point lead. Until the third quarter, Golden State trailed through all of Game 3. For all the complaints about LeBron not getting help, he's