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Lupe Fiasco talks Atlantic Records frustrations with Torae [VIDEO]

By K.B. Tindal Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer Out the gate, Atlantic Records always had an interesting relationship with hip hop music. After all, they were the first label to distribute Interscope Records and through this, Death Row Records. The controversy behind the latter of the two labels led to them selling

Lupe Fiasco announces new single and release date via Twitter

By K.B. Tindal Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer Last month, Lupe Fiasco revealed when he would release the first single off his fifth studio album, Tetsuo and Youth. There has not been much news released from Lupe in the time since then. But, there is still a lot of anticipation for Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco will release first single off new album in September

By K.B. Tindal Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer Last night, Lupe Fiasco instigated a Twitter beef with Childish Gambino, which surprised a lot of people. Since 2011, hip hop has grown accustomed to Lupe Fiasco promoting his singles during this time of the year. There is so much that has changed since

Lupe Fiasco announces 2013 album

By The Hip Hop Writer Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer Initially, Lupe Fiasco planned to end his career in 2008 with his LupEND album. However, due to the content of this album, Lupe Fiasco faced several delays. While Lupe Fiasco faced countless push backs, Plies released two albums in the same year. Ultimately,